Devils Fan Club Trips
Throughout the season, the Devils Fan Club travels to see the Devils play on the road. As the Devils schedule varies from season to season, so do our trips. The type of trips we take will also vary. Some trips are day trips, where we meet somewhere to take a bus to an away game and travel home right after the game. Other trips are longer, including spending one or more nights in a hotel and allowing time for sightseeing before and/or after the game. Some trips have multiple destinations seeing multiple games, as well as sightseeing time. We travel by bus for some trips and by air for others. The cost per person will vary based on the type of trip we take (how many nights in the hotel, how many games, bus travel or air travel). Prices for overnight trips will also vary based on how many people share a hotel room.
Space is limited and we usually require a commitment to the trip several weeks in advance in order to hold the group rates with the tickets, hotels and/or airlines. Members are required to sign a trips waiver before going on a trip (only one is needed per season). Guests are not allowed on trips unless they sign up to become a member. Sign up early so you don’t get locked out!
We always require members to sign up in advance for our trips. Sign up forms are available at our Game Night Table on the concourse at any home game as well as at our monthly meetings and on our website. You can sign up in person or print the form and mail it to us. For all trips, we need down payments in order to reserve space on the trip and cover trip activity deposits.