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Executive Team 2015-16


The following members are serving as officers on the 2015-2016 Executive Team of the Devils Fan Club (effective July 1, 2015)
PresidentTrudy Stetter
Vice-PresidentBob McClughan
TreasurerDonna Grant
SecretaryChris Bytz
Membership SecretaryCarol Struck
Officer at largeDonna Zushma
Executive Board Members Anthony Engstrom
Debra Romano*
Susie Ward
Matt Sommo*
Jason Bornstein*
Rich Lodato
*Two year term

In addition to the Officers of the Executive Team many fans serve on the committees that perform the various functions that support the Club's activities. A brief description of each of these activities with the name of the Chairperson follows:

These are the committees from the 2015-16 season
Committee Chairperson Function(s)
Amateur Hockey Susie Ward
Debra Romano
Assist amateur hockey organizations as approved by the Executive Team.
Awards Bob McClughan Count votes and secure plaques or trophies for various awards given out during the season.
Bylaws Bob Feder Coordinate revisions to the Club's By-Laws.
Convention (NHLBCC) Frank Gonzalez Arrange for bidding and hosting of the NHLBCC, as authorized by the Executive Team, and represent the Club at the annual NHLBCC.
Financial Review Andy Silverstein Review the Club's annual financial records and prepare applicable tax returns.
Game Night Table Barbara Fisk Staffing the Club's table at all Devils' home games.
Hospitality TBD Arrange hospitality for incoming fan clubs.
Nominating Bob Feder Obtain a list of eligible candidates and conduct the annual election for Executive Team positions.
Special Events Debra Romano Plan functions of interest to all Club members.
Trips Trudy Stetter Plan and make arrangements for out-of-town trips to be offered by the Club to members.

*not defined as a committee in the DFC Constitution By-Laws
Committee Chairperson Function(s)
Dinner with the Devils* Trudy Stetter Plan and arrange the annual Dinner with the Devils.
Good and Welfare* Christina Bytz Send cards to team or team officials for various occasions or milestones.
Hotline* Trudy Stetter Maintain the Club's Hotline.
Internet* Jason Bornstein
Nancie Karaitis
Develop and maintain the Club's Website on the Internet.
Web Mail* Andrew Gilchrist Management of all Email newsletters and commications.
Newsletter Donna Zushma
Merchandise* Trudy Stetter
Facebook* Donna Zushma

The Devils Fan Club, Inc. operates as an independent, volunteer organization, to support the New Jersey Devils and to promote a greater interest in the sport of hockey.

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